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Will ProPrompter software work with my existing teleprompter hardware?
Probably. ProPrompter works with most standard prompting equipment. If you can get a picture from your Windows or OSX-based computer to the prompter screen, ProPrompter will work with it.

Does ProPrompter work on Mac OSX?
Yes. ProPrompter works well on almost all versions of OSX.

Can you upgrade from ProPrompter version 2 or 3 to version 4?
Yes. Upgrading from version 2 or 3 will save you money over simply purchasing version 4 alone.

What's the difference between ProPrompter version 3.0 and 4.0?
What's the same? ProPrompter was completely redesigned and now features a sleek new interface. Many new features were added while old features were improved.

What's the difference between ProPrompter Basic and Advanced?
There are many small differences, but the most important difference is the independent display capability. This allows a controller to work on a computer/laptop with the script appearing normally while the script is prompted on the prompter screen in a mirrored fashion.

Why is there a blank space at the right and/or bottom of the operator screen when I use dual screen mode?
We do this intentionally.  A lot of competitive products make you switch screen resolutions on your operator screen (usually a laptop) to match the screen resolution that is being displayed on the teleprompter screen.  We think that is just plain silly.  We built our software for ease of use, and messing around with screen resolutions is complicated, so we utilize a comparable space on the operator screen.

Can I install my software on more than one machine?
We understand that it is vital for professionals to always have a backup plan for when things go wrong.  We allow our software to be installed on as many machines as you want provided you only run the software on one computer at a time.

What kinds of controllers can I use to control my script speed?
You can use any controller that can be set to mimic either mouse clicks or keyboard strokes.  We recommend and sell a few that we know to work well here.

I bought the Advanced (or Professional) version but the script is backward on the operator screen. What’s wrong?
You need to turn on the extended desktop feature (Windows) or turn off mirrored desktop (Mac).  You can find step by step instructions under the Help Menu>ProPrompter Help.  You will want to choose Using Dual Screen Mode.

What should I be using for a computer to get the best performance?
Prompting a script is a fairly video intensive operation, especially if you are using dual screen mode.  We have found that the computers that perform best have a dedicated video card in them.